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Semi-Auto Rifle Curriculum

Please note: A user can opt to test out of TTC course prerequisites, by completion of a similar course and satisfactorily demonstrating the appropriate level skill set to a TTC Range Officer. This assessment is by appointment only.

Semi-Auto Rifle 101

Introduction to the Basic Function, Operation, and Maintenance of the semi-automatic rifle. This course provides the new firearm user the basic information of how semi-auto rifles work, ballistic information, how they are safely and effectively operated, and how they are maintained. The course will include video clips of semi-automatic firearms usage and hands on demonstration and active participation of basic handling. As a result, the new semi-auto rifle user will be better informed to properly select a firearm that meets their present needs.
Prerequisite: None
Duration: Two 3-hour sessions
Cost: $150.00

Semi-Auto Rifle 210

An advanced class for the semi-auto rifle user. Here, the user will develop a skill set for operating and accurately shooting a semi-auto rifle. Clearing malfunctions, position shooting, and basic self-defense will be taught. This course provides the semi-auto rifle user with advanced information and shooting techniques. Demonstration of a given technique or philosophy will be provided. Live-fire shooting drills will be the primary method of instruction. Here, the user will build upon the platform of instruction given at Semi-Auto Rifle 101. Introduction to the various carrying positions, reloading, and malfunction clearing, with an emphasis on shooting accurately, will be incorporated into the skill set. An introduction to self-defense will be taught. No optics please!
Prerequisite: Semi-Auto Rifle 101
Duration: Three 3-hour sessions
Cost: $250.00

Semi-Auto Rifle 320

An advanced rifle class for the semi-auto rifle user who has acquired the skills of shooting accurately and operating the rifle under most circumstances. In this course, an emphasis will be placed on self-defense with the rifle. The user will be instructed on the use of cover/concealment, room clearing, target discrimination, tactical reloads, an introduction to team shooting, and an introduction to close quarter battle.The use of Optical sights is encouraged in this course.
Prerequisite: Semi-Auto Rifle 210
Duration: Three 3-hour sessions
Cost: $250.00

Semi-Auto Rifle 435

Urban Rifle. This is a “no-holds-barred” course focusing on urban combat and self-defense. The emphasis will be on weapon retention, self- defense, reloading, transition drills, shooting without the use of sights, and precision shot placement from unconventional positions and platforms. The use of Optical sights, a firearm mounted flashlight, a tactical sling, and a tactical magazine carrier is encouraged for the use of this course.
Prerequisite: Semi-Auto Rifle 320
Duration: Three 4-hour sessions
Cost: $250.00

Firearm training courses offered at the Tactical Training Center: